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Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium

What is a Psychic medium?

A psychic medium is able to connect with spirit through several ways: seeing in the mind's eye (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), a sense of knowing (claircognizance), or feeling (clairsentience). With practice and mindful awareness, each one of us is able to connect to loved ones in spirit. This is an innate quality of our soul and each of us has psychic ability!

What to expect during a mediumship reading...

We may have hopes that a certain loved one will come through during a reading, but it's important to know that any spirit may come through. Spirits are incredibly resourceful and will go to great lengths to get their message across! I will not ask for your full name, only your first name. It is not my job to ask you questions about the spirit, only to ask you if you can validate the information I receive. Readings can be done via phone or in person. 

How loved ones communicate...

I am always amazed at how spirit communicates! They may choose to show themselves as they appeared in their younger years or later in their life on Earth. Their personalities carry through (loud, quiet, humorous, etc). They will show how they passed or make me feel a sensation in the part of the body in which they suffered. They often acknowledge objects you may have of theirs, significant events, or the hobbies and interests they had on Earth. They often make me feel undeniably the love they have for the person I am reading.

Get in touch!


190 Flanders Road, Unit 2

Niantic, CT  06357



By appointment

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